As a Fishel fellow, I was placed in India with JDC Entwine Multi-Week Global Jewish Service Corps with Gabriel Project Mumbai, and I am now working in Berlin as a JDC Entwine Global Jewish Service Corps fellow.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What We Can Do to Help

The hardest part about leaving India was saying goodbye to my students who I got really close to these past 2 months.  Knowing that I’ll never see any of them again and won’t know what becomes of their lives is devastating.  But I am also hopeful for their futures and thankful that they have such a fantastic organization behind them to help propel them forward with their studies.

Many people have been asking me if there are ways that they can help, and returning home, I knew I had to do something to continue supporting these kids, so I set up a fundraising page that everybody can contribute to.  Together, we can really make an impact.  It only costs $36 to sponsor a child for an entire year, which includes education costs, meals, and housing (for kids who come from rural villages).  My goal is to raise enough money between all of us to sponsor an entire literary center ($909).  My students changed my life, and I know they touched many of your lives.  Together, we can help change their lives!
Here is the link to the fundraising page:

And here are some photos of them from my last few days there because they're just too cute to not share:

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